My Jerusalem Home is proud to work in cooperation with Manos Group –  the leading real estate group for the TAMA 38 program in Jerusalem.
We will offer the most personal boutique service to you when trying to lower your cost.
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About the Manos Tama 38 Projects:

Each household in the program benefits from an additional bedroom, a Mama’d, a terrace, and a reserved parking space. Residents also enjoy a luxurious lobby, an earthquake-proof building, and renovated water, sewage, electrical, gas and communications systems. Manos Group is responsible for the TAMA 38 procedures in 25 apartment complexes in Jerusalem, and hundreds of residents will receive renovated residences with modern infrastructures. Manos Group proudly displays it’s affiliation to the “TAMA 38 Syndicate for Urban Development”, an organization which regroups all major companies piloting TAMA 38 projects.

Manos Group Entrepreneurship & Investments Ltd. is one of the leading real estate groups in the country and is involved in all areas of the industry, from the development and operation of housing projects across Israel to the release of land for construction in Modi’in and the Jerusalem Corridor to the Department of Urban Renewal, which has been active for the past 5 years. The company initiates and executes Tama 38 projects across the country, including Tama 38 projects in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, thanks to its management and staff of professionals and business leaders. Prof. Aharon Namdar, who heads the legal department of the group, is one of the leading professionals in the tax, real estate and urban renewal fields.

Execution steps for the Tama 38 project:

Neubauten mit einem Rohbau und Bauplänen als Symbol für die Baubranche oder Immobilienbranche.1 – Negotiation

3 to 6 months

  • Presenting initial proposal for negotiation purposes to the tenants’ representatives
  • Appointing an active committee by the general assembly in the building for a non-binding negotiation with the entrepreneur
  • Appointing an attorney on behalf of the tenants, with the entrepreneur’s full financing. It should be made clear to the tenants that they get to choose their attorney. The entrepreneur just pays the bills…
  • Making a determination of the technical specifications by the tenants’ representatives for every apartment, and plan confirmation.
  • Presenting a detailed contract draft for the tenants’ approval.
  • Signing a contract between the entrepreneur and each of the tenants. It should be emphasized that this is a uniform contract involving all of the tenants.

2 – Cost and Planning

8-12 months from the day of signing the contract

  • Formalizing detailed plans with the tenants.
  • Preparing detailed plans for submission, including construction plans, traffic plans, and more.
  • Opening a file and applying for the construction permit.
  • Obtaining a building permit.
  • Preparing detailed work plans.

3 – Construction

14-18 months from the day of commencing the works

  • Foundations and skeleton.
  • Water, electricity and sewage infrastructure renewal.
  • Including stone facing.
  • Interior works.
  • Connecting between existing apartments and the additional constructed space.
  • Finishing touches, including interior design.
  • Form #4.
  • Updating the registration apartment building decree and pinning the new space to the existing tenants.