4 Reasons Millennial Homebuyers Are Here To Stay

The homebuyer statistics clearly show millennials out-pacing other generations when it comes to buying a home. The global realty market is keeping an eagle eye on this huge consumer group and expects to see noteworthy changes in statistics pertinent to homebuying, choices and transactions. The global market is witnessing a shift in paradigm, and the […]


How To Prevent Early Lease Termination.

“My tenants want out of their lease early.” It’s one of the biggest “fear factors” for new landlords — and yet, I’ve found, it’s a problem with a simple solution. Even though a lease is a legally binding financial commitment on the part of the tenant, leases are not always enforced entirely (or acknowledged) by […]


4 Tips For Using Instagram As A Real Estate Agent

With over 300 million people who actively use the app, Instagram has ascended to the top of the social media market. Facebook remains the reigning champion, but many agents and brokers have seen a decline in their ability to reach new clients on that platform. However, Instagram has shown it is on track to become one of the […]

View to Jerusalem old city. Israel

Find your dream home in Jerusalem

Many of us dream of owning a permanent residence in Israel to come home to. Yet the constraints of distance and finance have made realizing our dream a challenge. My Jerusalem Homes can provide you with the best possible service finding your second home in Jerusalem. We have great investment opportunities, in prime locations, that […]